We recently had a grandmother who was trying to help better parent her grandchildren. We were able to work together in parenting modules and problem solve different ways to relate to the child to have a smooth transition in her home.  This grandmother was able to change very difficult behaviors in the home and facilitate reunification with the mother!

Family KINnections began working with an aunt who had recently taken formal placement of her nieces who were in DHS custody as foster children. The resource mom is from Mexico and she speaks primarily Spanish, Family KINnections staff was able to provide a bi-lingual resource specialist in order to support the family’s cultural needs. Through care coordination and collaboration with DHS, Family KINnections connected the family to a vast number of community resources. Resource mom was able to renew her DHS benefits such food stamps and electricity assistance (LIHEAP). The Community Resource Specialist provided additional assistance with translating between resource parent and legal services. While in services the family finalized the adoption process and the children now have a forever home. The resource mom stated that she now feels more confident and able to connect to her community unlike she could before Family KINnections services. The resource mom also shared that she felt supported and all her questions were answered during the whole process.

Family KINnections supported a kinship family through their DHS case for the duration of a year. Community Resource Specialist (CRS) was able to provide emotional support to the family during the approval process, visitations with the biological mother, and attending court hearings, which help the biological parents as well. Resource parents were able to receive a bed and a dresser for the child in custody, using one of the many resources in the community. Our staff was able to provide the family with passes to the Science Museum for a fun family outing. When parental rights were terminated the resource home knew they wanted to adopt their nephew. We supported the family during the adoption hearing, even during the pandemic the resource home was able to complete their adoption via zoom. 

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